Top 5 Popular Flooring Options for Custom Home Building

Top 5 Popular Flooring Options for Custom Home Building

Whether you plan to build a custom home or you want to replace your existing flooring, you have to make some crucial decisions about the flooring that best suits your new home. Look, longevity, upkeep, and cost are all key factors you have to remember. You also have to remember that not all flooring options work for all rooms in your house. Here is a quick overview of the five most popular flooring materials for you to choose from.


Tile is extremely durable and damage-resistant as well. Among the most appealing characteristics of tile is its wide variety it is available in. There are lots of materials and patterns you can find out there that will suit the personality of your home. Cleaning tiles is also very easy and it is unlikely for these to get stained. The best rooms where you can use tiles include bathrooms and kitchens and other areas where water or drinks may get spilled. 


Hardwood has a very expensive and classy look not to mention that it can also increase your home’s resale value. Hardwood is often very easy to care for that requires minimum effort to maintain and clean. There are two choices for hardwood, namely engineered and nail down. Solid or nail down hardwood floors are exactly just as the name suggests. These are made from solid wood. Every board of solid wood flooring is created from one piece of hardwood with a thickness of ¾ of an inch. Since it is very thick, it can be refinished and sanded down for as long as you are using the flooring in your house. 

Engineered hardwood is a resilient and versatile flooring option, which can be installed in almost every home area. Made of authentic wood, this flooring provides your home an updated feel and look. Basically, it’s made of a core of plywood or hardwood with a hardwood veneer layer affixed to the top surface. It is more resistant to heat and moisture in comparison to solid hardwood. In addition to that, they can be loud to walk on. Therefore, if there is a house full of kids, it might get noisy. Rugs may be used for minimizing the noise. Flooring and water can stain hardwood. The best place for this flooring is in high traffic area like foyers and living room.


Laminate basically ranges in installation fees and prices, yet it does not easily scratch may be made to look a bit identical to tile or wood. However, standing water may ruin laminate flooring and it’ll need to be replaced. Areas with high traffic are ideal for laminate as it’s sturdy flooring that will not be scratched. But, rooms like kitchen and bathroom aren’t ideal since water can damage the floor.


It gives a feel that you’re always home. It is silent to walk on and soft. The carpet’s price differs greatly with quality. However, there’s an affordable option for everybody. Typically, carpet is noise-free and simple and quick to install. But, carpet should be cleaned frequently and prone to stains as well as underlying dirt. Carpet is best when it comes to low traffic areas like office spaces and bedrooms.


It is cheap and fairly durable. It looks like tile wood. However, it does tear easily and can be hard to clean.

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