Five Tips To Follow For A Perfect Move

Organizing a move is – many times – quite stressful and exhausting, especially if you do it with little time in advance. The key to facing it without dying in the attempt is to dedicate yourself to it, at least for a couple of weeks, since doing so in a few days will only generate physical and emotional recharge, and you will probably collapse.

Thanks to our vast experience with recently moved clients, we have managed to collect a series of tips that will explain what to do when you move out of the house quickly and in an organized way.

First, breathe and think that as long as you set specific tasks for certain days, everything will be easier. Then you just have to follow these tips:

  1. Take Your Time

Do it all little by little, so we recommend that you start several weeks before Day D. This tip seems simple, but it is the most important. This depends on your organization and the success of your move.

  1. Do not you use it? Goodbye.

May nostalgia not grab you for the things that have accompanied you for a long time, but that does not help you much; they will only occupy an important space in your new home Remember: new house, new life.

  1. Gather Everything You Will Need

The key to an organized move is to have everything you need at hand. So we recommend that you prepare a moving kit with the essential things you will need to assemble everything. Example:

Large bags: Believe me, you will need them, and it is preferable that they are made of resistant material and different colors. Reserve the black color (or whatever you want) for the garbage and the rest divide them for the things you really need in your new home.

Cardboard boxes: Go collecting boxes of absolutely everything. I assure you that some will serve you; however, I advise you not to be very large; since being full of things will be quite difficult to load.

– Newspaper: In the same way that you will keep cardboard boxes, you must keep all the newspapers, because they will be very useful when you store glass cups or any other fragile object, in addition to the sharp ones.

– Tapes: Buy a lot of duct tape, and if you can buy it wholesale. In addition, we recommend that all people who are going to help with the task have a dispenser; this will facilitate all the work. Also, buy masking tape to serve as a box and bag marker.

– Scissors and thick down: Buy the colored markers; this will help you identify them with each room and the boxes or bags corresponding to each of them.

  1. Code Your Boxes And Bags

As we mentioned in the previous subtitle, with the help of thick markers, masking tape and colored bags, label your boxes or bags with codes of letters or numbers, and you will guarantee an organized move. An example:

  • Number 1 or letter a: Boxes or bags that must be unpacked as quickly as possible. As it is work clothes, uniform, basic kitchen or bathroom equipment.
  • Number 2 or letter b: What to expect one day. As is the clothes and shoes that we do not use very often.
  • Number 3 or letter c: What may be the last to unpack, such as photo albums, extra pillows, among others.
  1. Make Sure The Boxes Have A Hole Or Make Them One

This way, it will be much easier to load them, you will do it faster, and you will not be able to hurt yourself, so you can have a quick move.